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FJLN. 18 twill silk kaftan

FJLN. 18 twill silk kaftan

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Hand-dyed satin silk kaftan


Lime blossom and St.John's wort foraged in Sweden.
Avocado peel
Pomegranate and minerals

One Size
Relaxed Fit
Length back 129 cm
100% Satin Silk

Made in Sweden

Pigments are extracted from foraged plants into dye bath for each piece individually. Layers of rose petals, flowers, minerals and organic matters creating the unique palette of prints and patterns are created by fermentation, pressure, steaming and other ancient techniques.All variations and irregularity should be embraced as the perfect imperfection of each garments very own story.

Each piece of clothing is hand dyed in alchemical processes up to 10 times. Layers of rose petals and flowers, rust and organic food waste are some of the steps to create the item. One of a kind high end fashion and customized to order.

Organic silk and non toxic colors from our earth.

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