Care Instructions

Horisaki hats are made to be worn.
Horisaki hats are handmade wich makes each piece unique in its shape and form.
Hats named ooak (one of a kind) are all made as one piece only, never duplicated, usually from limited vintage materials and with more hand crafted details worked in to them.
Hard burnt hats can dry shed/bleed.
The shedding is a part of the process were the hat will look better the more you wear it, the shedding will occur where you most touch or bend the hat, similar to raw denim or painted leather shoes.

Waterproofing spray is something recommended to use regularly, just like with a pair of leather shoes.
This will keep it protected against rain, just keep in mind that if the hat get wet, make sure that it dries in the shape you want to keep it. 
Note. Never use waterproofing on a wet or moist hat. It must be completely dry.
If the hat lose it’s shape, use steam (a steamer or a pot of boiling water)
Steam the hat from the inside and help it to rise to original shape. Then let it cool off in the shape you want to keep it.
To clean the hat, use steam and a soft brush. Again, let it cool off in its right shape.
Adjust size.
For bigger size changes. See if you can find a hat maker or milliner in your area. They can usually help you out.
If the hat is slightly small, use steam to warm it up, then put it on your head (check that it is not too warm), stretch it a bit on your head and let it cool off for a perfect fit.
If the hat is slightly too big and it has leather band inside you can put paper (traditionally cork) on the inside of the lining.
Horisaki does not make fragile hats. If materials are fraying they were chosen by the makers to do so.
Note that these are recommendations. Performed the right way they are safe to use but BR.Engström's does not take responsibility for bad outcomes.