size guide


shape & form

All hats are handmade and hand stitched. Variations in shape and form as well as measurements in brim and crown may occur. Measurements will also vary depending on how the hat is shaped by it’s wearer.

No stiffening is used in the hat making process which makes the hats, soft and comfortable with good travel abilities.

one size
One size hats are sized 54 cm - 60,5 cm.

Elastic / stretch band is developed by us to make our hats more easy to wear. It makes the hat sit very comfortably on your head and can be worn down in colder weather and / or as a detail. More flexible in size.

One size hats always comes with elastic lining.

Our leather bands are vegetable tanned. Looks more classic, a bit cooler in warm weather. The sizing is less flexible.

adjust size
For major size changes, see if you can find a hat maker or milliner in your area. They can usually help you out.
If the hat is slightly small, use steam to warm it up, then put it on your head (check that it is not too warm), stretch it a bit on your head and let it cool off for a perfect fit.


If the hat is slightly too big and it has leather band inside you can put paper (traditionally cork) on the inside of the lining.

Horisaki does not make fragile hats. If materials are fraying they were chosen by the makers to do so.