Horisaki terminology

All hats are handmade in Sweden.

Elastic/Stretch band sits better on your head, more comfortable, can be worn down in colder weather or as a detail. Also more flexible in size. One Size hats always comes with elastic lining. When size is described as "up to ...cm" this means that it will also fit smaller sizes.
Leather band is more classic, a bit cooler in warm weather but the sizing needs to be exact.
Brim:   The horizontal part of a hat.
Crown:   The vertical portion of a hat.
Beaver fur felt:   Felted 100% (100X) beaver fur.
Rabbit fur felt:   Felted 100% rabbit fur.
Hare fur felt:   Felted 100% hare fur.
Straw:   Material woven out of straw or paper.
OOAK:   One of a kind hat, unique pieces never duplicated.
PL:   Plain fur felt, as in not treated nor patinated.
EB:   Easy burnt, as in easily treated with fire.
HB:   Hard burnt, as in heavily treated with fire. May dry and/or wet bleed.
Foldable & moldable:   Soft hat that is made to be shaped in many different ways or forms determined by the wearer.
Patination:   Patina refer to any fading, darkening or other signs of age, which are felt to be natural.
Distressed:   Simulated marks of age and wear.
Edge trimming:   Ribbon that runs along the edge of the brim.
Hat band:   Piece of ribbon that wraps around the base of the crown.